Urban escapes

Urban escapes

From the sprawling metropolises of New York and Tokyo to the 100-island capital of Italy’s Veneto, Aman’s urban sanctuaries allow the notion of escapism to be experienced in the world’s great cities. Balancing culture and connectedness with peace and privacy, Aman’s three city destinations showcase the very best of each surrounding.  

Urban Destinations

Aman New York, USA

Aman New York, US Aman New York, USA - The Jazz Club

The storied crown building

The compelling energy of Aman New York is engrained in its legacy – the Crown Building serving as the hotel’s home, history and inspiration. On entering, it offers solace from Midtown Manhattan’s city streets, where guests are transported a world away from the bustle below.

Here, the Aman way of life unfolds in the form of two unique dining concepts, the double-height Bar Lounge and the Garden Terrace; an all-season alfresco space where guests come together, immersed in the city skyline yet in comfort, privacy and sanctuary. The iconic architecture makes way for spacious suites and the warmth of its iconic gold-gilded façade echoed inside with working fireplaces that invite rest and recuperation.

A vertical retreat

Just moments from historic landmarks and renowned Central Park, Aman New York allows guests to experience as much or as little of the urban whirl as they wish. Those visiting for the first time can experience the city’s magnetism from their doorstep, returning each evening to refuel for the day ahead. For those returning, Aman New York offers a new kind of escape inviting guests to spend as much or as little time exploring as they please.

The three-storey spa ​offers unmatched facilities including two unique private Spa Houses, ideal for romantic indulgence or celebratory occasions. Spacious interconnecting two- to three-bedroom suites welcome families to come together with seamless ease.  


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Aman Tokyo, Japan

Ben_Richards_Aman_Tokyo_Nov22_033 Aman Tokyo, Japan

Urban dynamism, profound serenity

The foremost urban Aman property, Aman Tokyo’s opening in 2014 redefined luxury hospitality, reimagining the concept of an Aman escape in vertical form. Capturing a feeling of peace and sanctuary to be enjoyed in perfect harmony with the energy, vibrancy and dynamism, Aman Tokyo offers a unique experience of one of the world’s busiest cities for the very first time.  

Today, the property serves as a blueprint for Aman’s future urban destinations - a place where business travellers can find solace; where couples can experience their first romance with a city; and where multi-generations can come together and explore in safety and comfort.

Inspired by Japanese tradition

Though Aman Tokyo is situated in heart of the city’s prestigious financial centre, the hotel perfectly captures both the tradition and modernity that epitomise Tokyo. From inside, panoramic views of the Imperial Palace and the use of traditional Japanese materials offer reference to the city that surrounds, while ryokan-style rooms, onsen hot baths, and hospitality inspired by the country’s concept of omotenashi, ensure that each stay is imbued with local tradition. 

Serving as a base for exploring the city, guests can uncover Tokyo through several exclusive experiences. From private tours showcasing the subtleties of Japanese craftsmanship to the discovery of the remarkable history of sumo wrestling with a visit to a sumo-beya, and the taste of the city’s renowned gastronomy at Musashi by Aman, guests of all ages and interests are well catered for.  

Aman Venice, Italy

Aman Venice Gallery

Elegance and opulence

There are few cities more captivating than Venice. Where water flows, art and architecture collide and the history, craftsmanship and charm of old Italy is ever-present. To experience the Floating City at its best – whether on a fleeting city break or longer Italian adventure – Aman Venice’s location on the edge of the Grand Canal is unrivalled.  

Housed in one of the city’s monumental Palazzos, Aman Venice is a piece of history itself. Its walls feature works by Italy’s great artists, – including 16th-century architect Sansovino and 18th-century painter Tiepolo – its culinary scene celebrates the very best of the region, and its garden offers a window to the waterways that connect the city.  

Aman - Chef Norbert Aman Venice, Yellow Room, Dining

Floating City finery

Though much of the city’s allure can be enjoyed from within the hotel’s walls, Aman Venice’s private tours offer access to the secrets of the area – from chef-accompanied trips to the Rialto market to rowing lessons, boat trips and visits to Venice’s oldest atelier. When the day’s exploration is done, return to the Palazzo, where fine dining experiences - including Cook the Lagoon in partnership with three-Michelin starred chef, Norbert Niederkofler – begin in the Lord Byron-inspired bar with cocktails by expert mixologist, Antonio Ferrara, and end in the comfort of one’s very own historic suite.  

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