Dev Tools

Use these developer tools to help you test, explore, and validate XRP Ledger API requests and behavior. All of the following tools are part of this website:

  • XRP Ledger RPC Tool

    Use this tool to print raw information about a XRP Ledger account, transaction, or ledger.

  • WebSocket API Tool

    Use this tool to send sample requests and get responses from the rippled API. No setup required.

  • xrp-ledger.toml Checker

    Use this tool to verify that your xrp-ledger.toml file is set up properly.

  • Domain Verification Checker

    Use this tool to check that your validator's domain can be verified.

  • XRP Faucets

    Get credentials and test-XRP for XRP Ledger Testnet or Devnet, and connect to servers in these parallel networks to test building software on the XRP Ledger without using real funds.

  • Transaction Sender

    Test how your code handles various XRP Ledger transactions by sending them over the Testnet to the address of your choice.

  • XRP Ledger Explorer

    View validations of new ledger versions in real-time, chart the geographic location of servers in the XRP Ledger network, and explore the state of the ledger. Testnet Explorer also available!

More Tools

The following tools are maintained by the XRP Ledger community:

Have an idea for a tool not provided here? Contact us or Open a pull request