Contribute Code to the XRP Ledger

The software that powers the XRP Ledger is open-source, so anyone can download, modify, extend, or explore it. Community involvement makes it better. Look for "[Source]" links in the documentation to jump directly into the related source code, or browse the source code on GitHub:

XRP Ledger Source Code
License Multiple; ISC (permissive)
Programming Language C++

If you're not sure where to start, Dev Null Productions provides a detailed and thorough Source Code Guide that describes the structure and functions of the rippled XRP Ledger server implementation.

Standards Drafts

When developing amendments to the XRP Ledger protocol or interoperability between XRP Ledger applications, it's best to discuss the proposed changes with the community.

The Community Standards Drafts project is a great place to share your plans and collect suggestions on a proposed standard. This feedback can help to balance trade-offs, design for greater efficiency, and address potential security implications before you share your actual source code with others.

You can find various XRP Ledger-related projects under these and other GitHub organizations:

Be sure to look at each repository's license and contributing guidelines before contributing to that repository.