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Introductory Code Samples

Connect to the XRP Ledger and query it for data.

Quickstart Samples Archive

Create a test harness for XRPL features using 4 iterative HTML pages and accompanying JavaScript files.

Address Encoding

Encode XRP Ledger addresses in base58. (This reference implementation is equivalent to the ones included in most client libraries.)

Build a Wallet

Implement a non-custodial wallet application that can check an account's balances, send XRP, and notify when the account receives incoming transactions.

Cryptographic Key Derivation

Derive secp256k1 or Ed25519 key pairs from seeds in any of the XRP Ledger's encodings and formats. (This implementation is equivalent to the ones included in most client libraries.)


Create, finish, and cancel Escrows using conditional or time-based release.


Freeze and unfreeze issued tokens, check freeze status, or give up the ability to freeze tokens.

Issue a Fungible Token

Configure issuer settings and issue fungible tokens to another account.

Monitor Incoming Payments with WebSocket

Use the WebSocket protocol to watch for incoming payments to an XRP Ledger address, without using a client library.

NFToken Test Harness

Build an interface that can mint and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the NFT-Devnet.

Normalize Currency Codes

Convert from a string from either the XRP Ledger's "standard" 3-character or "non-standard" 40-character hexadecimal format into a string for humans to read.

Require Destination Tags

Require incoming payments to specify a Destination Tag so you know whom to credit.

Secure Signing

Sign transactions from the security of your own machine.

Send XRP

Send a direct XRP payment to another account in the XRP Ledger.

Submit and Verify

Submit a signed transaction blob and wait until it has a final result.


Create a Ticket and use it to send a transaction out of the usual Sequence order.

Trade in the Decentralized Exchange

Look up Offers in the Decentralized Exchange and buy a fungible token by spending XRP.

Transaction Serialization

Convert transactions and other XRPL data from JSON to their canonical binary format for signing or cryptographic verification. (This reference implementation is equivalent to the ones included in most client libraries.)

Use Checks

Create, cash, and cancel Checks for exact or flexible amounts.

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Fork the xrpl-dev-portal repo. Using git, clone the fork to your computer.

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Add your sample code to the content/_code-samples/ folder. Be sure to include a that summarizes what it does and anything else people should know about it.

Commit and push

Commit your changes and push them to your fork on GitHub.

Open a pull request

Open a pull request to the original repo. Maintainers will review your submission and suggest changes if necessary. If the code sample is helpful, it’ll be merged and added to!